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Welcome ~ Shop here for Safe Unique Bird Toys in all Sizes
High Quality Bird Toys Hand Made in the USA using Parrot Safe Parts.

Upon receiving your order we will Hand Make your Pet Parrots fresh clean toys just for you since we do not import or warehouse out items! Therefore, we have a 14 Business Days processing time.

All of our Unique designs have been Avian Veterinarian Approved.

We offer toys for all size birds from Parakeets to Macaws in styles that provide Chewing, Shredding, Foraging and Manipulating fun!

Safety is our main concern so we use Nickel Plated or Stainless Steel Hardware, Tear Apart Cotton Rope, Natural Sisal Rope or Paulie Rope, Vegetable Tanned Leather and Human Grade Food Coloring to mention a few of our safety features.

Several of our Toy can be made Small Animal Safe with minor changes just select that option upon ordering on any toys with declaration *Small Animal Safe for Rabbits, Chinchillas and Rats*

Thank You for your order! Please remember we have a 14 Business Day Processing Time
#323 Fan-Tastic
#316 Bagel Fish
#300O  Natural Dragonflies
#476 Triple Delight
#460 Jacks Jungle
#494 Cuddles Slices
#554 Gizmos Gadgets
#570 Phoenix
#1335B Car Perch Medium Long wiht Bowls
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